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Why this Encaustic Medium? is the link to buy undyed or clear encaustic medium made from damar resin from Dipterocarp or damar trees in the rain forests of Indonesia and cleaned beeswax from Louisiana honey bees. 

Kitty Kiefer is the artist who makes the product and it is available at the NUNU Collective in Arnaudville, Louisiana. As most everyone in St. Landry & St. Martin Parishes knows, NUNU’s mission is to encourage the development of artistic talents, skills, knowledge and business savvy by connecting artists with other artists, businesses, organizations and programs. It serves as a stage/platform/gallery for creative living by facilitating community, economic, and artistic/cultural development. Creative Place Making is the model for developing this incredible & vibrant community, but the people involved in NUNU have taken ideas and DEVELOPED them. If you don’t know NUNU or haven’t visited, please go there when you can. The website is full of information, events and community. Hours and directions are also available.

or it is always easy to order online from Kitty at

Either way, the credit for economic benefit accrues to NUNU and to Arnaudville and Louisiana, as well as to the artists who purchase and enjoy a mostly Louisiana product. Only the resin is from trees in Indonesian rain forest.

Encaustic techniques and uses are historic, evolving and contemporary. And the uses and techniques involve heat. Because it is made with beeswax which is flammable and damar resin, which when heated above 210 degrees Fahrenheit releases unhealthy fumes, the creator or user must be thoughtful and careful. Safety First is a good motto. 

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Before there were removable frames in hives made from boxes, there were colonies of honey bees living in straw skeps

The makers of the wax

The makers of the wax

Louisiana bees, using the floral sources privet, tallow trees, blue vervane & buck wheat vine make honey and store it in beeswax honey comb.

Please, help protect adequate clean forage for bees. Particularly, preserve and protect the tallow or "chicken" tree.

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I hope this product pleases the artist who use it.

You can order the medium in larger "chunks"  Please email me

to discuss.  generally if, in one order, you order 25 or more ounces, the cost per ounce will be $1.85 per ounce, plus sales tax and shipping. Let's talk.


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Please come to NUNU Collective

1510 Courtableau HWY (LA 93E)

Arnaudville, LA 70512

to buy the material

or, of course, you can buy it from this website, All purchases are subject to the 7.95% Louisiana and St. Martin Parish sales tax